15 Tips for Bloggers in 2015

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The social media is a very dynamic platform. To keep up with all the trends and changes one needs to be at the top of their game. You need to keep it fresh so that you can stay abreast of your competition. Blogging is also one area that needs constant refreshing. The tips and tactics keep on changing and require the blogger to periodically update their skills.  Keeping up with the latest blogging tactics is not as easy as many people would like to think. This piece will highlight 15 of the best blogging tips that can greatly enhance your blogging success:

blogging tips 2015

1.       Create an audio version of your blog

Creating an audio version of your blog can greatly increase your fan base. The version can be shared on your podcast feed to attract a whole new target audience. What the audio blog will do is that it will introduce an entire set of content to your podcast audience and allow for consumption.

2.       Mind-map to organize and brainstorm 

Business bloggers can use this tip to help them generate awesome blog post ideas to blog about. If you are thinking about writing posts that are longer than 1000 words, using mind mapping to brainstorm and organize idea is your best bet.

3.       Include some data

Any blog post that is supported by concrete data will always look genuine and legit. You’ll get better engagement from your readers which mean that they’ll have to spend a bit more time reading your blog and sharing the same. Chances are that your readers will also want to visit other pages on your blog.

4.       Socialize your post

Try to make your posts as social as possible to attract readership. This can be achieved by adding prewritten tweets or embedded social posts with ClickToTweet. What this will do is that it will prompt your audience to share or engage.

5.       Include product messages

Show your cleverness by integrating your product messages with engaging content. This tip will get your page viewed and lead to social shares which will then introduce your brand to people.

6.       Cease from measuring stats early

The blogging journey can be a very long one. Therefore, during the initial stages, you need not to be obsessed about your daily numbers. You should be more concerned about generating awesome content instead.

7.       Encourage community

You can do this by writing unfinished posts then encouraging your community to respond by completing the conversation.

8.       Timeless content

For you to remain relevant, you need to concentrate on generating only timeless content. Think of it this way, do not write a newspaper but instead create a resource.

9.       Communicate your point clearly

You do not want to write too little neither should you write too much. Try to keep between 300 words and not more that 1000 words. The most important thing here is to get your message out.

10.   Write as often as possible

You need to keep your audience interested in your blog by providing them with regular and interesting content to keep the coming for more.

11.   Come up with a blogging strategy

Your blogging strategy should involve making a blogging schedule that will entail the number of blogs you intend to write in a week and the time you’ll dedicate to the same.

12.   Do some link building

In as far as search engine is concerned, link building is a must. Come up with a proper link building strategy which in turn can help you to get more backlinks.

13.   Make relations with niche bloggers

Make a point of interacting with fellow bloggers by commenting on their blogs and via social media. This will help to learn one or two things about them.

14.   Create unique content

This is the only way that you can be able to attract and keep your readers interested.

15.   Reply to comments

Whether they are comments from your niche bloggers or readers make a point of replying to their comments to make them feel valued.


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