4 Rocking Tips for your Mobile Marketing Strategy

mobile marketing tips

A Growth in Mobile Usage

Wherever you turn in society, people are near enough ‘glued’ to their smart devices, iPads, iPhones, you name it and why not when you can do so much more with a phone than make a phone call? With a whole variety of apps and access to the internet, the use of tablets and smart devices is seriously taking off. Mobile usage has definitely become more popular than years ago and while technology is advancing, it has heavily influenced the way that people use it.

So let’s talk about advertising! Mobile advertising can help to gain profit for your business but if done poorly, can cost your business great loss. Many people would argue that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) mobile advertising is cost effective and research shows that a high percentage of mobile searches initiated a follow-up action.
Advertisers should bear this in mind and take advantage of mobile advertising to reach their target audience.

mobile marketing strategies

In Context: Mobile User Behaviour

As with any marketing strategy, mobile marketers should aim to understand their audience. Firstly, mobile users are usually people on the go so it’s important to understand how people are searching, what they are searching for, when particular searches are being carried out etc. Without understanding your audience, you can’t cater for their needs or meet their demands.

Understanding your audience will give your advertisements a purpose and help you to place effective ads.

1. Generally, mobile users are looking for specific information including directions, store location, contact or travel information.

2. Many companies have turned to the online world to conduct business and therefore, online sales have rocketed over the years as mobile users are undertaking more online transactions. It’s convenient, it allows a mobile user to be in more than one place at the same time and it’squick and handy for people that prefer the virtual shopping world, to being out on congested roads in congested city centres.

3. Multitasking or rather “Multiscreening” means that consumers can enjoy the benefits of using a mobile phone to browse research or shop while watching TV or doing other tasks.

4. Mobile phones allow users to search now and pay later. With the busy lives that people now lead, mobile phone technology allows users the luxury to search from their devices and continue the sale from another device such as a PC.

Mobile Ads: Word for Word

A couple of things to bear in mind when creating your Mobile Ads:

1. Mobile-specific wording will drive traffic and encourage users to click through your Mobile Ads.

2. Efficiency is everything and since the mobile user is likely to be looking for a great online experience, service is important.

Mobile users will want a prompt and convenient service so make sure the wording used in Mobile ads conveys the right message.

For example, words like ‘ships now’, ‘buy now’ are likely to produce a better result than other words like ‘contact us’.

Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile-Specific pages or mobile landing pages should be:

1. To the point. There is no need to fill in white space with a load of text that is not necessary. Text should also be easy to read for the mobile user, consider the size of the screen on the device that they might be using to access the site.

2. Quick. Visitors are not patient when it comes to waiting for pages to load. If the landing page does not load quickly enough, they are more likely to leave and find a page that provides the speed that they need.

3. User friendly. Functionality is vital with mobile websites so menus and navigation should be easy and click-friendly.

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