The Five Best Mobile Marketing Tips to Influence Customers and Drive Sales

Mobile Marketing Tips

Sales result from communication, consumer-centric benefits and a solid strategy. Fortunately, the modern world is governed by immediate access and intuitive technology. 65 percent of Americans own and operate a smartphone, and even more prioritize their devices for constant outreach.

The sales game needn’t be hard, and streamlined mobile techniques can greatly empower in-store strategies. Mobile devices have mobilized businesses, and they’re a key communication, action and developmental component for business decision makers. Read on to discover the astounding truths behind mobile marketing, and take advantage of the strategies pro marketers are engaging to increase sales numbers.

Tip One: Redeemable Check-In Offers

Redeemable check-in offers convert consumers. If your mobile marketing strategy incorporates healthy amounts of prospect-boosting software, check-in offers are vital to your success. Consumers love on-location shopping, and the “always connected” American contains a lot of buyer potential when mobile atmospheres are developed.

To get started, create check-in offers based upon your targeted consumer segments. Similarly, text different offers and ID performers. Every check-in offer should be streamlined for success, and each should be partnered with a social media strategy to invigorate consumers on every level.

Tip Two: Incorporate an SMS Campaign

SMS campaigns drive sales because consumers are constantly connected to messaging platforms. Maximize your mobile marketing’s SMS capabilities, and utilize it to boost lead generations. Leads transform into in-store arrivals, and in-store arrivals transform into sale opportunities.

SMS campaigns benefit from a 95-percent click rate, studies reveal. Your brand should constantly focus on building engagement, and it should target the texting consumer’s behavior. SMS campaigns offer great location-based opportunities and coupon capabilities, too. Really, text messages are all-in-one platforms capable of redefining any marketing strategy. Find out how to further invigorate your SMS campaign here.

Mobile Marketing Tips

Tip Three: Hone Your Website

Your mobile-based website should be navigable. Intuitive websites win consumers. Meanwhile, clunky, intrusive or otherwise cluttered pages turn away prospective buyers. Even if you’re not focusing on e-commerce hits, your website should contain the following:

  • Compatible links
  • Navigable sidebars
  • A clear call to action
  • Contact information

Avoid overlapping menus, and correct any ambiguous formats. Remember: The consumer wants quick information. Your mobile site must prioritize the buyer’s need in a direct, yet intelligent way.

Tip Four: Optimize Your Platform for Search Engines

SEO isn’t exclusive to desktop marketers. In fact, mobile searches are 70 percent effective. Consumers searching for services and products via mobile are more likely to take action than their desktop counterparts. Why? Because mobile devices are all-encompassing information portals. Each aspect of a mobile device can be maximized to boost the consumer’s information-gathering habits.

A mobile platform optimized for search engines narrows the consumer’s path-to-purchase, too. Easily locatable links, intuitive social media connectivity and optimized search options all benefit the mobile marketer. If your consumer can find the information, they’ll surely find your store. Follow-up sales benefit from optimized search engine features, too. Retention accounts for a large slice of the sales pie, and it becomes increasingly potent when the consumer’s return visit is streamlined.

Tip Five: Identify Consumer Needs with Social Triggers

Social triggers are everywhere, and they can identify your buyer’s persona, habits and needs. Much of sales requires an intensive approach to consumer wants, and the mobile revolution has turned on-floor conversation into on-device propositions.

Use social media as a guide. Your brand’s Facebook and Twitter persona should direct consumers to mobile whenever possible. Track their movements, and discern important buyer routes. By understanding the social media user’s behavior, you’ll be granted an edge on the sales-floor—both solid and digital. E-commerce traffic, too, should be examined with a social lens. Who’s purchasing your product? Were they influenced by your Facebook post? Do they share media? Are they enlisted in your SMS campaign?

Much of the consumer’s day-to-day activities can be harnessed to benefit them. As your mobile marketing strategy evolves, it’ll benefit from consistency. Marketing isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. Remember to gather feedback, and constantly outfit your plan with continual services. Check out new trends, and remove any data clutter.

The mobile world is changing—and it’s changing quickly. The advent of new technology, almost annually, is keeping business operators on their toes. Are you ready for the next marketing shift?

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