Google Adwords 2015 First Update: Access of Reach and Frequency Report through Campaign Tab

google adwords : demention and campaign tab

The beginning of 2015, Google released its first adwords campaign update through Google+. Google just announced that starting the week of January 28th, reach and frequency metrics will not be accessed from “Dimensions” tab rather it can be accessed from “Campaigns” tab only. Google API is shutting down “Dimensions” tab Scheduling and report generating facility.

This new and improved version of “campaigns” tab report can be seen for any time range, not just any particular week or day and for any display campaign as well. This reach and frequency is exceptional and you just have to select the date range to generate the report.

The steps are very simple, fellow the below steps:

1. Click on > Campaigns tab

2. Go to columns dropdown > Select customize columns

3. Follow > Reach metrics

4. Then > Add all columns

5. Finally “Apply”

Need to take care of “Cookie deletions” while creating this report as it plays a vital role to get the correct and unique data. For more information follow the link of Help center.

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