Google Adwords New Policy for Phone Numbers Verification in Call Extensions

google adwords

Google adwords just launched new policy for advertisers which is going to be effective in june 2015, as per this change advertisers using call or location extensions have to verify the phone numbers listed in that very ads.

Prior an advertiser was able to list any phone number even without being your own number but according to this change, if your phone number is not verified or do not meet this policy will be disapproved.

In order to approve this extension phone number associated with your ads should be associated with the business which you are promoting. If the phone numbers haven’t approved, will be listed as   “Unverified” or “Unverified phone” in the Ad extensions tab.

Below are the steps to verify the phone numbers –

1 – As per new policy the phone number should be present on the website featured in your ad as text. The image does not meet the policy.

2 – Link Google webmaster with your Google adwords account.

3 – Add your google adwords unique conversion code on the lading page of that very ad.

If you are using 3rd Party call tracking, the last two verification options can still be used.

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