Google latest Chrome Extension – Analytics In-Page Analytics

How frequently do you check your site, do you really care about your website content?  If the answer is “yes” then think yourself: “how regularly individuals visit this page and how effective it is?

To considering this fact Google has released another Chrome extension for in-page examination. Daniel Waisberg of Google just declared it on his site and it is basically a snappy approach to see the in-page analytics of your pages with the click of a catch which means that a chrome extension allows you to get the detailed information of each page of your website.

Follow the below steps to get it done –

1 – To use this extension you will need Google Analytics Permission for the website you are analyzing

2 – A Chrome Brower and extension you need to download

3 – Once done you can click on the Google Analytics icon on your browser while browsing your website (icon will come on the top right corner of the page).

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