Making Social Media Contribute To SEO

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A question that has been perennially bothering digital marketers is whether social media affects search ranking or not. Even Google side stepped this question. It is a consensus that social media to a certain extent determines search ranking for a web page or URL. Studies between incoming links and share values of networking sites reveal that there is a strong correlation between these two aspects.

The social networking sites in case are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For all these three social sites there is a strong correlation between links and share values: greater the number of links higher is the value of shares. Google in fact was not too keen to reveal these figures as it had its own vested interest. Google+, a social networking site promoted by Google is in direct competition to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. For this specific reason it continuously shied away from such unpleasant comparisons. However after tremendous pressure from market forces it was compelled to show comparative figures on its website. Google ultimately had to include Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites to their graph. Google and similar such search engines deliberately earmark links that are shared and liked more on other competitive sites.

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There are several factors that determine online search. Of these several factors six are linked to social media.

Content is king

Good content could take you to great heights in search engine ranking. Time and again it has been proved that high quality content on its own has the capacity to attract large number of visitors to your website. Content that you create should be:

* Interesting,

* Useful,

* Timely,

* Worth sharing,

* Unique

These contents should ideally be in blog sites and not on social networking sites as in the latter case it loses its autonomy and relevance. An autonomous blog has greater ability to be controlled and hence its utilization. Instead of having any content published on a networking site it is better to keep it independent and get it shared by site members. More sharing indicates higher popularity of your blog which in turn implies higher ranking.

Personalized results

Personalization of search results emanates from social networking sites and helps in improving your ranking. You are tracked by browsers or search engines with assistance of your ID while performing searches. Results thus generated are matched with those of social media circle members and subsequently ranked. Google uses Google+ for this task.

In case searches are conducted with Google, an icon is displayed which implies an action being taken by the search engine. Personalization determines ranking as well as search inclusions.

Pay heed to Google+

Google+ is usually not considered a worthwhile social networking site by many internet users and online advertisers. This must be avoided particularly in cases of local search. This networking site has the power of drawing reviews, posting interesting content, or brand building, all at a local level. For local brand building and fan following there is no better browser than Google+.

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