Microsoft and Google fight it out with ‘terms of service’

microsoft vs google

Microsoft and Google just love going in opposite directions. They spare no opportunity of taking on one another. Their latest such tryst is centred about their terms of service. It really never comes to mind about making terms of service a reason for combat. But this actually happened in their latest duel.

It is a known fact that Google refuses supporting Microsoft platforms. Microsoft is now targeting Google’s quest for user’s data which actually could be disturbing and embarrassing. Humans by nature are dear about their individuality and do not prefer divulging it to others, particularly with an entity which is public by nature. In view of Google’s terms of service Microsoft has sent out e-mail alerts to its users about the latter’s changed service terms. These revised terms are just in contrast to those of Google. A closer examination would help in understanding their differing approach.

Google’s term of service: Google collects user information in two ways. For many of their services you are required to sign up. For signing up information like name, contact number, e-mail address and even credit card details are required to be furnished. For availing full usage of a service, users are asked to create profiles with photos and names. These profiles are made visible to others using this same service.

There is also an indirect approach for gathering information about users. While using their services several questions are asked from time to time. Even details furnished to advertising companies online while using any of Google services are retrieved and retained. Interactive sessions between user and online advertising concerns are capitalized by Google to its advantage.

Microsoft’s term of service: Microsoft does not believe in collecting personal data of users for its services.

The two companies compared

Microsoft’s approach stems from the fact that users are apprehensive about sharing their personal information. There are users who desist from giving personal information to online advertisers or any other companies. Also there are some who do not care much about providing personal details to renowned companies such as Google. As there are people with differing preferences and choices, nothing could be considered as absolutely correct or totally wrong. As choice varies from one person to another options are required to be kept open.

There could be another angle to this area of contention between these two IT giants. This could be viewed as a marketing strategy where both companies want to remain in the news. And the best way to achieve this is to bring up something controversial. These two organizations would continue to raise issues and point fingers at each other, keeping the interest among consumers at an eternal high.

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