Origin of traditional media v/s digital marketing

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Don’t we all know about the various forms of media used for communication in our day to day life during the present times? The answer is “Yes”.  Now, you must be really curious  to know what were the forms of media during older times when Internet was not there or after its arrival, when  people were still not that internet savvy?

Traditional media”, yes this was the form of communication in older days and it included NEWSPAPERS, TELEVISION, RADIO, YELLOW PAGES and DIRECT MAIL but due to many limitations and disadvantages they started losing their importance and  only existed as a clichéd medium for marketing.

Low quality graphics in Newspaper and are frequently  disposed off as mere garbage. TELEVISION is pricey, RADIO advertising is too short to capture and engages senses, and hence could not be a recognized mode. Advertising in YELLOW PAGES is a rather costly affair and DIRECT MAIL will  although put the data in the right hands yet a greater part of it is hurled in the trash and would never be in use again.

Digital marketing was first introduced in 1990 and since then the concept  is growing by leaps and bounds. Digital marketing mainly uses electronic devices such as desktop, laptop, smart phones, tablets etc to share information and user engagement, is steadily enhancing due to its cost effectiveness. We can divide it in to two parts; one is “pull digital marketing” where consumer aggressively seeks the marketing content through web searches, such as website, blog, email, audio & video and text messages etc. Another is “push media” where marketers render messages through display advertising such as website, blog, email and text messages as recipients don’t search them actively.


As users are more tech savvy now and seek information on  services, products and daily necessities object through internet, it increases the curiosity of marketers and business entities to sell their product and services through internet and  earn  maximum revenue on their investment and become the market leader.

Digital marketing has many advantages as it is cost effective and there are several  avenues available for free over internet for a long period of time. It can be tracked and illustrated in detailed graphs in terms of traffic growth, leads and sales conversions from the specific online marketing campaigns in comparison to  traditional media. Digital marketing helps in establishment and maintenance of  brand awareness and client loyalty. With digital marketing it becomes  easy to target your significant audience like users from a specific age group  ranging from  15-30 years, measure their response from specific demographics and regions in comparison to traditional media. With digital marketing it is easy to measure real time results and that offers significant boost to your business. Using the various online marketing analytic and tracking tools make it easier to track conversion rates in a fraction of time. On the other hand, by using digital marketing, marketers achieve a long-term ROI.

Thus, Digital marketing is a technology which is constantly evolving and offering immense support to the marketers to expand the size of their business and earn huge profits.

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