Third-Party Remote Support Threats [Infographics]

third party threats

Cyber-attacks are a growing threat for business continuity because even the smallest breach can cause some serious disruptions. A website downtime, for example, can translate into thousands of dollars lost. Similarly, any other system or application used on the level of the organization can slow down critical business processes if a breach occurs. Considering these threats, it is clear that companies need to invest more into securing their IT systems. This is especially important for third-party IT components, as they are not fully under control of the company in question. As shown on the infographic by Securelink, the largest portion of company data breaches is associated with a third-party IT component, meaning that these need to be carefully implemented. To ensure all their business systems and applications are running in the safest possible setting, company managers need to examine several levels of their IT administration and secure all of them.

Remote Support Threats

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