Tips to improve user experience for your e-Commerce site

user experience for ecommerce site

For an e-Commerce site it is important that it attracts a large volume of traffic. An e-Commerce site is different from any other websites in the sense that it is specifically created for selling goods and services online. The purpose of its creation gets defeated if it fails to generate sufficient online business from among its visitors. So, it is essential for an e-Commerce site to keep on getting visitors on a sustained basis.

At the outset your site needs to be search engine friendly, user friendly, and trustworthy. These are the three basic parameters that determine the popularity of an electronic commerce website. As owner of a website it is your responsibility to build visitors’ confidence. Several studies have been carried out to evolve ways of improving quality of web sites and enhancing user experience. The basic idea of a website is creating trust between a seller and a buyer. Keeping this in mind there are several ways of augmenting user experience.

Home page user experience tips

Home page is the most visited page of any online site and hence needs to be most attractive and user friendly. This is more pertinent for an online business site as it demands attention of a visitor not only on first visit but even in subsequent ones. To begin with you should make your home page as attractive as possible with images and content.

Stress on featured areas – Featured areas of websites are the most prominent areas of a web page and needs to be highlighted. It needs to be remembered that a visitor on his first visit to a website spends not more than 50 milliseconds for creating an impression. Only when a first time visitor gets impressed by a web page would he return to the same site.

Highlighting hero areas – Featured areas or hero areas should always be made the chief areas of attention of any e-commerce site. Featured areas need to be uncluttered, simple, and ideally located.

Usage of less number of words – There should be minimal words in featured area of your online site. Only words or small meaningful phrases are to be inserted in featured area.

Using visual queues – Visual queues like coloured patches or arrows to capture the attention of online visitors should find prominence.

Elimination of unwanted matters –
From a home page irrelevant and redundant matter should be removed as these devalue your e-commerce site. Only matters that create an impact should feature on a home page. Similarly, outdated contents or products must never be featured on home pages.

user experience

Home page navigation tips

Creation of a tempting home page is not enough to ensure high visitors’ traffic. Easy navigation is another vital aspect that should not be neglected while designing a home page.

Provision of links – Creation of links for customer service, return and refund policy, delivery and logistics improve usability of your e-Commerce website.

Pushing few products – In case the number of products or services available are limited, then pushing them too hard becomes discouraging for a visitor.

Using stock photos – Such photos damage the authenticity of your web page and impacts visitors negatively.

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