Trash Can Google Analytics New Data Recovery Feature

trash can

One of the Google analytics users reported to google analytics about the deletion of report by accidentally. Google took this feedback in account and going to launch a safety net to Google analytics users.

As we all commit mistakes and while observing this issue Google analytics is rolling out a new update. Sometimes it happens that we delete any view, property or account accidentally so from now we will see a new option under “account” tab > “Trash Can” from where data will be restored again. Google offer a temporary holding account for 35 days only to retrieve data from the day when it was originally deleted and after that it will go forever. Well this is not too less period, Yes? My answer is yes.

This feature will be showing in google analytics account very soon and even somehow if you delete data today, it will be there in Trash Can when this feature will be there in your account, so do not need to worry about it.

Numerous individuals depend on Google Analytics to gather, investigate, and give an account of information with a specific end goal to settle on great business choices. This is really a good roll out which ensure that the necessary information will be there in the account to correct the mistake.

Below is the simple steps to restore data –
* Sign in to your Google Analytics account
* Go to > Admin tab
* Navigate to > account you wish to restore
* In Account tab > Trash Can
* Locate the item or data you wish to restore
* Cl ick > Restore

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