Using facebook video cards for business augmentation

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Contrary to popular belief social media video cards could be put to more serious use rather than just impressing friends or close associates. The nicety about video cards is that they could be customized and created in a manner that reflects your character and tastes. Facebook gives you an option of creating several say thanks cards types for different category of people.

Separate card types could be created for your buddies, relatives, old friends, and business associates. Customization of these cards could be done with graphic images, photos, letterings, and captions. Detailed instructions about creating such cards are available in these networking sites. You just need to follow these instructions to have a visiting card as per your fancy. Once created these could be shared and circulated among friends, family members, and business accomplices.

Your video cards are posted in your ‘timeline box’ and thereafter friends are tagged. The video card is shared with your tagged friends. But the purpose of making video cards is not realised until it is appealing to your business community. One of the more important use of video cards is expression of your gratitude to your clients, business partners, and team members. Facebook cards are also useful in conveying several feelings to your business community members.

Congratulate partners and community members for a job done well – There is no better way to congratulate your team members on their exemplary effort on making a project successful. A customized visitor card not only carries your feelings to your team members but also makes them motivated. This gesture of gratitude helps in creating a bonding that lasts long.

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Motivating associates – Business is all about co-operation and camaraderie. Any sincere effort should not go unnoticed, and the best way to share your feelings for your accomplice is to exhibit your appreciation by sending a visitor card. This visitor card carries much more than a message. It shows your feeling for an associate. Sending a motivational card just before taking up a critical assignment could work wonders for your business partner. An inspirational note could make even the toughest tasks simple and achievable. It is always good to be generous about sending such encouraging notes.

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Send recommendation – You cannot grow alone in business. Instead of standing all by yourself like a pyramid it is desirable to grow as a banyan tree offering shelter to others. Business communities always grow in association with others. Recommending business associates to your clients not only opens up opportunities but also shows your concern for your accomplices’ success. For business fraternity this camaraderie is of immense importance. A recommendation could have a multiplier effect bringing in greater number of clients for your associate. Normally these are reciprocated with similar recommendations for your own activity.

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Be thankful – Visitors’ cards created from social media sites should be used profusely for thanking peers, subordinates, superiors, and business associates at every opportunity. There are innumerable occasions of thanking people all around you. You neither must hesitate nor feel constrained to express you thanks. These help people to remember you and keep you connected.

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